My name is Bianka and I am 19 years old. I have been dealing with exercising for 4 years now. Talking about hobbies I have been taking photos for many years. One of my main activities is developing my own brand of clothing. I have always belonged to the group of extremely skinny girls. I suffered from malnutrition and gaining weight was my biggest problem. I found out that working out in front of the TV in not an effective way of exercising. Nine months later I decided to create my first exercise plan - I managed to do it, so anybody can. Some time later I started losing weight, so I began creating plans for people who wanted to loss weight and also wanted the guarantee of satisfaction. My greatest success was seeing the results after a few weeks even though I was just starting with the plans. I realized one really important thing. I found out how the body reacts to the correctly adjusted plan together with the diet which is necessary for the body to be working and reacting properly. I am not a fan of harsh and strict diets or restrictions on nutrition. That is why people like it so much and the results are speaking for themselves. Dislike for exercising is not good at all. It is what people are demotivated by when they do not have a clue what the goal is. And that is even worse. I dedicated myself to this activity 4 years ago. My main success is the progress of every single person whom I adjusted diet and exercising plan. Nobody has ever said that the results would not show. My knowledge certified experience and people often do not understand how can be the result so effective and fast. The point is in explaining the principles by which the weight loss and gain work. It is all about adjusting a single individual separately, because everybody is different and so are the regimes or diet habits. Working out should be understood as a lifestyle. We should teach body to react to signals we give it. It is said that every action has its reaction. The same applies for our body. Everybody is losing or gaining weight. It may sound contradictory for I said that everybody is different, but eventually the principle is the same.

What principle? - You will see in my plans.